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Whew. This strip is better than the last one. Don't mind the wheezing - getting crushed is FUN!!! At least when you are being crushed by a good-looking man.

We're moving, as I said last post - and that's expensive. So why move? Well, Arne and I have been living at opposite ends of Germany for three years. which sucks. A lot. And now we're finally moving back together. Which is expensive, as I said. So I've decided to sell some of my pictures. If you're interested, just send me an e-mail telling me which one caught your fancy, and I'm sure we can reach an agreement. You can see them here. (E-mail is here at the bottom of the page or on the "contact" page.)

Plus, we have a donation button up. Anyone who donates anything will recieve a wallpaper with my little finch, Home Sweet Home I don't know who to do it so you go directly from the donation to a download page, so just send a little e-mail to get your donation thank-you!

TWC vote incentive: a wedding picture, so you can see why Arne can crush me so convincingly!

Speaking of TWC, they have a clever contest going on right now:
Have you ever wanted to be a radio supervillain? Or rather, did you have an idea for a villain you'd love to actually hear on a radiostyle podcast?  Submit your idea for a radio supervillain and read about where you can get hundreds of hours of free audio drama done by the impression cast of Decoder Ring Theatre , over at
who wants to be a radio supervillain?

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