Serious Business
by the Focke Family


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These are the voyages of:

The (mostly) Humans:

Arne: archaeologist and smith, he also does leatherworking.
His hobbies include collecting and playing video game systems and teasing his wife about how small she is.

Sonia: egyptologist and artist, she likes to collect useless skills.
Her hobbies include learning song lyrics and admiring her husband’s muscles. She provides her own soundtrack.

Both are rabid RenFair enthusiasts and think the world would be a better place if everything were done by hand
and long-distance communication consisted of using smoke signals. This does not prevent them from using the internet
to shamelessly promote their artwork. So go take a look at our DeviantArt accounts:

The furry ones: Vladimir: the youngest of the Terrible Two, he likes to tease Tacitus but wonders why this doesn’t meet with approval.

Tacitus: the older, but not necessarily the wiser of the two. Like a true Roman, he likes to eat lying down.

The Smithy Mouse: look for him. He lives under a chest of drawers in the forge of the Open-Air Museum in Molfsee.

Praise, suggestions and fudge brownies can be sent to: Fam.Focke(a) (Please replace the (a) with the usual "at" sign... oh, you know the drill.)
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