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Our homes away from home:
Arne's previous forge in the Open Air Museum at Molfsee
Arne's current forge at the Bajuwarenhof near Munich, an archaeological Open-Air Museum.
The forge at the reconstructed Motte castle at the Turmhügelburg in Lütenburg
Sonia's museum

Some comics we like:

The Devil's Panties is actually what prompted us to do our own autobiographical comic.

Girl Genius has it all: adventure, excitement, and of course... mad science!
Ctrl+Alt+Del is about video gamers and video games.

Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire is not only a great comic with lovable characters, it's also a punner's paradise!

Sorcery 101 is about an apprentice sorcerer, with an interesting cast.

Looking for Group is a role-playing comic with a seriously messed up sense of humour. Go Richard!

Geeks Next Door The title says it all.

Eerie Cuties is about a monster high school.

Edmund Finney's Quest

Der Tod und das Mädchen (Death and the Maiden). what happens when a young lady looks Death in the eyes... and refuses to die? Also in English.

Inverloch is a completed fantasy webcomic with a nice twist in the ending!

Phoenix Requiem is by the same artist as Inverloch. A 19th-century fantasy piece.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic may say it all.. but doesn't. Except for Captain Fang, of course.

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