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I hate this strip, almost nothing came out the way I wanted it to, excet for the kid. BTW, the originl German flows better: "Warum macht er das kaputt?"

We're moving, as I said last post - and that' expensive. So I've decided to sell some of my pictures. I haven't decided on pricees yet, but if you're interested, just send a mail telling me which one caught your fancy, and I'm sure we can reach an agreement. You can see them here. (Um. Link not working for some reason. go to "Contact" and click on the link to my DevintArt page. E-mail is here at the bottom of the page or on the "contact" page. Sorry!)

TWC vote incentive: broken stuff!

Speaking of TWC, they have a clever contest going on right now:
Have you ever wanted to be a radio supervillain? Or rather, did you have an idea for a villain you'd love to actually hear on a radiostyle podcast?  Submit your idea for a radio supervillain and read about where you can get hundreds of hours of free audio drama done by the impression cast of Decoder Ring Theatre , over at
who wants to be a radio supervillain?

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