Serious Business
by the Focke Family

A Bout

Updates Sundays!

A Bout




We've finally figured out what this is all about!

No, seriously.

Serious Business is an autobiographical webcomic about our experiences at a traditional forge, medieval fairs, an Egyptian museum and just everyday life. So yes, everything in the comic actually happened!

About us:

Both are currently plodding away at their PhDs.
Arne has a Master's in Archaeology. In addition, he is a traditional ironsmith (no electrical devices!) and avid video game player and collector, owning forty different systems and over 400 games! He texts Serious Business and usually decides on the panelling.
Sonia has a Master's in Egyptology and works in an museum for Egyptian art. She is an voracious reader and is the artist for Serious Business. She's also the off voice you will hear the most often in the comment, and is responsible for the horrible html on these pages (give her a break, she's starting from scratch.)

Some FAQs

Why "Serious Business"?

When does the comic update? Why only once a week?
Serious Business updates on Sundays, mostly because no one else does. We only update once a week because they have yet to approve the 28-hour day. On a good week, Sonia can draw about two comics. This means that on an average week she might manage one and on a bad week none at all. Remember, she has a full-time job and is working on her PhD too! It's once a week so it stays fun, for all of us.

Why isn't the comic in full colour?
See above answer. Plus, either Sonia or Arne would have to actually learn how to colour comics. It's on our To-Do list. Really.

If you're so busy, will there still be regular updates?
Yes. We have a buffer. We love our buffer. Our buffer is our friend. Say hello, buffer.
This said, we have on occasion experienced technical difficulties meaning that the comic was a day late, or it may happen that our dear buffer is so depleted that you will have to make do with a filler. But we will post something . In fact, we like some our pre-fabricated fillers so much, we just can't wait to post them!

Do you do conventions?
No, but we'd love to. We live in Germany and may get our act together enough to attend one or two here, but if you want us at a convention elsewhere... be a dear, pay us a plane ticket and give us a mattress to crash on, and you're on!

Why is the site green?
We like green. Hulk smash!

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