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Both my cousin's children adored Arne, but little Salomé was especially adorable. The first time she saw this great big man she refused to greet him, but after that it was hard to keep her off him! Little vixen flirted with him, batting her big eyelashes and gigglin coyly...

TWC vote incentive: How To Decorate Your Husband, or: The Child Magnet :D

The links page is now green and has a few more links. The problem? I needed to refresh my browser (why? Why does it not, when I open the page, automatically give me the most current version? When the page is already open, I can understand having to refresh, but why when I'm opening it anew? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?) Oh, and I'm taking suggestions for fonts.

To Do:

  • make an icon for "home" so you can get back to the main page from the secondary ones! this weekend, insh'Allah!
  • pretty up the other icons so they have a clear background, the white looks horrible.
  • put up a "Donation" button on the off chance that one of our three readers is horribly rich and feels like sharing. Arne? code? please?
  • try and figure out if we want a shoutbox or not, since there's no way we're getting a forum (moderating a forum = time = energy = mass going at the speed of light squared, which is how we feel at any given time already.) The little toy at the bottom of the screen should help us make that decision. Feel free to make use of the e-address below to express approval or dissent.
  • learn (more) html and css learning! first attempt to add a margin to the main page did not work, though.
  • make a css template for: 1. main page 2. side pages
  • And how about organising the archives? How? With a calendar thingy?
  • better my inking skills bought French curves (to help with word ballons) and circle templates. Need oval ones, though.
  • move

- Sonia

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