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This was last Christmas. Every few years, my mother's side of the family have a big get-together at Christmas. This was Arne's first such foray into the intracacies of our French clan, apart from attending my uncle's wedding and, of course, our own. My mother had six siblings, and they had children, and now my cousins are having children... You get the idea!

TWC vote incentive: the rented farmhouse where this madness took place.

I've been (finally!) working a bit on the site - the vote incentive button is now placed a bit more prominently, and all the links between the secondary pages work (how come only the short version of the link works on the main page, and only the long version on the secondary pages???) And look! We've finally figured out what this meshuggah thing is actually about! Clickee on pitture actually gets you to a page! Yay!

I am, however, at a loss as to why my "links" page still looks crappy. At first I thought it was because I had forgotten to close some tags (bad me!), but I fixed that and it still looks bad. It should be green! Why isn't it green? Do I have to feed it radioactive Hulk-vitamins or something? Anyone with ideas, please, please e-mail me at the address below. I'd also appreciate it if someone could tell me how to put margins on my pages. Thanks!

To Do:

  • make an icon for "home" so you can get back to the main page from the secondary ones!
  • pretty up the other icons so they have a clear background, the white looks horrible.
  • put up a "Donation" button on the off chance that one of our three readers is horribly rich and feels like sharing.
  • try and figure out if we want a shoutbox or not, since there's no way we're getting a forum (moderating a forum = time = energy = mass going at the speed of light squared, which is how we feel at any given time already.) The little toy at the bottom of the screen should help us make that decision. Feel free to make use of the e-address below to express approval or dissent.
  • learn more html
  • better my inking skills
  • move

- Sonia

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