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Hullo everyone! Notice the neat second set of forward and back buttons above the comic? Now to do that in the archives, too. Sigh. Poor archives are in need of some TLC.

Unfortunately, I am, too. Phase I of The Great Move starts this weekend, in which my paltry belongings are being moved from my one-room apartment to our new, bigger one. Wish me luck!

Of course, besides Phase I, way too much associated paperwork I have way too little time to take care of, my colleague is one vacation, teachers are heating up the phone line to book a visit to the museum before the summer holidays, there's a new exhibition in the works and, oh, too many other things to mention. Give us an electronic hug, we need it.

This said, of course I'm excited :D

TWC vote incentive: how I would like to pack. By the way, apparently this is not a well-known fact, but you can vote for more than one comic each day on TWC. You're just not allowed to vote twice for the same comic within 24 hours. So why not show serious Business some love, and then work your way through our link list and show some love there, too? (Not all comics are listed on TWC). Thanks!

- Sonia

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