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We have swallows at the forge every year, and every year, when they first set up on the beam right over the fire, the spend the first two weeks scolding anyone who comes near. After that, they ignore us and go about their business.

We have several news items. Anyone feeling an affinity with last week’s strip can join the League Against Dendrological Anachronism (because there was no wood in the Middle Ages) by buying a t-shirt or button on our CafePress shop (I hope the link works, I’ve been having trouble with those. The url is Also, anyone voting for us on TWC (just click the button below) gets a peek at this year’s clutch of swallow chicks, almost all grown up! A week after that sketch, they had their very first flight, which Arne and I were privileged to witness.

Praise, suggestions and fudge brownies can be sent to: Fam.Focke(a) (Please replace the (a) with the usual "at" sign... oh, you know the drill.)
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