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Yay! Weeeeee're back!

Thanks to anyone looking at this comic now. our long sabbatical was my fault - after the last update, where we officially got our new museum handed over, we had to dismantle a very big special exhibition and set up both a new special exhibition and redo the permanent one (this is still in the old building), then I had our kiddie summer program, had to take some time for family concerns, move our offices to the new museum, have the Long Night of the Museums, a book sale, a Friends of the Museum promotional day, not to mention hieroglyph courses, various guided tours etc.etc. And Arne can't text what I don't draw! I don't think the next weeks and months will be much different, but the holidays brought lots of books on making comics and some time for a buffer. Have to give the site some TLC, hopefully next week. Let's all cross our fingers!

Well, happy new year's everyone! And don't forget to vote!

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