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I think the picture sums it up about right

Among my excuses are: being sick again, translations I had to do in the evennings, a childrens Museum Education Program, more translations in the evening, running around with Arne to pick up anvils, running around with Arne to build a chimney for the forge (see his DeviantArt site for details), working on my PhD (no, really, I managed to fit that in somewhere), role-playing with the gang on Fridays (when did I actually get a social life?), seeing Thor (ditto question and: rrraow. Tall blond men with hammers), getting ready for the new season at the Turmhuegelburg RenFairs, doing research for future concerts at the museum, Sundays at the Bajuwarenhof, putting together a website for the forge, making all sorts of neat stuff (Arne), playing Fable III (mea maxima culpa), trying to buy a train ticket to my cousin's wedding, preparing for the changeover at the new museum, getting nosebleeds, watching our strawberries grow (yum!), taking Tacitus the guinea pig to the vet (nothing serious, thank God), fighting chaos and taking over the world.

Hopefully back next week if I can get my act together. I'd like to make it up to you somehow, hopefully I'll think of something. Thanks for stopping by despite it all!

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