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Arne really is sick, poor thing, coughing and wheezing and stuff. Plus, we've had this filler lying around for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

Is it a good sign that we like our fillers so much?

On to other news: our shoutbox crashed, so here's a new one. Thank you, clayton, for testing it's emergency function. My ears were ringing all day.
Aaaand... You may dimly remember that, just before the move, I promised to show our archives some TLC. Well, take a peek at the link bar above (I still have to do a dodle for it), and you will see a new link calles "Archives". Click on it, and you will see that you can search for specific comics either by date or by title! Yay! Now I just have to remember to keep the list up-to-date.... Plus, I found out that the "notes" tag also works in the archives! Yay! Now the day's commentary also gets automatically uploaded there. And finally, the links in the link bar work in the archives, too.
Also, I prepped up the A Bout page a little. And I have plans for the rest....

TWC vote incentive: My character from our role-playing group, a Valkyrie-type lady called Firunja. Enjoy!

See you next week, Sonia

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