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No Goths were harmed in the making of this comic… And no, we don't have anything against Goths, the two tough guys just happened to be of that lifestyle (anyway, what can we say? Arne wears a belt pouch and I wear petticoats.)

Well, we're moved in, mostly. We still have to go to Kiel this week and renovate the apartment there, and we still haven't got all our books stashed in the new place, but things are slowly taking shape. I hope to get another comic done for next week, but we'll have to see if we can scan it, since I'll be on vacation and without access to the lovely large scanner at work. If not, I'll think of something to put up for you, never fear!

P.S. HAve you noticed the shoutbox? Shout away!

- Sonia (and Arne, of course!)

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