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Yay! We found an apartment! We can be together again! Party!

Also greetings to Clayton, who sent us our very first fanmail - since then, not a week goes by without a mail from him. Hi, Clayton!

The sheep with the dreadlocks are called Heideschnucken. They're typical for north-west Germany.

TWC vote incentive: more Heideschnucken!

Speaking of TWC, they have a clever contest going on right now:
Have you ever wanted to be a radio supervillain? Or rather, did you have an idea for a villain you'd love to actually hear on a radiostyle podcast?  Submit your idea for a radio supervillain and read about where you can get hundreds of hours of free audio drama done by the impression cast of Decoder Ring Theatre , over at
who wants to be a radio supervillain?

Plus, still selling artwork on DA: here .

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